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Our Mission


Our Sons Rise, Inc.(OSR) is a grassroots nonprofit organization that advocates for young Black men, a targeted population for police brutality, racial discrimination, and mass incarceration through the school to prison pipeline. We fight to change policy on the local, state, and federal levels to create the lasting change needed to provide a more just and equitable society for our Black sons who are often times criminalized, demonized, and not given the benefit of their humanity. OSR is partnered with other organizations to build out our body of work to include, providing resources and support to marginalized communities that will enable families to rise above their circumstances and eventually participate in building healthy and safe communities. 

The Vision

To be a leading voice and resource for Black sons. To live in a world with one standard of justice, and equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, criminal record, economic status, gender, or sexuality. 

Our Goals

  • To advance the agenda of Restorative Justice to eradicate mass incarceration through a rehabilitative model of justice vs. the traditional criminal model where we warehouse individuals without treatment, which is proven by research to be ineffective, and in many cases, can cause more damage.

  • To grow a large base that has the power to influence elections on the local, state, and national levels.

  • Create a literacy program that encourages reading at an early age since studies have shown a strong relationship between crime, poverty, incarceration, and illiteracy.

  • Promote and encourage self-care for young Black men

  • Expand partnership with Barbershop to provide jobs in the Beauty and Barbering industry for returning citizens in Prince George’s County.

Our Sons Rise 

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